BA ,MSc, LLM (Maritime Law), Dip. Maritime Arbitration (CIArb), FCIArb (UK)

Prokopios Krikris started his career with a commercial background and later embarked on maritime law, legal and arbitration studies, with practical application in handling charter party disputes while working for owners and charterers. His experience extends from chartering (drafting or considering proposed amendments to clauses) to commercial operations (daily involvement with the operations department) and claims handling- dispute resolution through negotiation or arbitration. Lastly, he provides expert insights & consultancy to various commercial projects, including laytime and vessel performance analysis.

Prokopios is a supporting member of the LMAA willing to accept appointment as arbitrator or evaluator( ENE) for charterparty disputes.

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Arbitration Membership

Fellow Member of CIArb (UK)-

LMAA(supp. Member)-



Guidebooks (free download)
  • A Snapshot Guide to Laytime & Demurrage, 2021| Forty years published London Maritime Arbitration Awards (1980-2020).
  •  Speed and Consumption Claims: A practical perspective and statistics, 2021.
  • List of 890 published LMAA Awards, 1979-2022 with keywords, 2023.