Saturday, June 22, 2024

Laytime & dispute settlement: a unique video presentation

Glad to share a unique and practical presentation on laytime & dispute settlement on “bad weather” background music in some parts. However, after a storm comes a calm.

This short video presentation includes:

  • The general background (observations from Lord Diplock, Lord Reid, Sir John Donaldson, Sir David Foxton).
  • The Maritime Adventure.
  • The process of Laytime & Demurrage- Detention claim, based on the stages included in my short guidebook: A snapshot guide to Laytime & Demurrage.
  • A practical example based on common debate issues: shifting, draft survey, open hatch, interpretation issues, NOR, when laytime ends, SOF, etc.
  • The commercial settlement; the parties’ negotiation and arguments on the various issues. Not all points could be addressed in this short video presentation.
  • The A-Z laytime calculations using Benefit laytime software, and
  • All the above under “bad weather” background music in some parts, since ‘bad weather’ is very relevant to laytime.

If necessary, you can pause the video to read the content of the slide; that might be necessary on the commercial settlement stage. 

Thanks to Benefit software for permitting me to share the laytime calculations prepared in their laytime software and to my IT for his outstanding efforts.

Thanks for watching!

And do not forget to turn your audio on…

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