Saturday, September 23, 2023

“Charter Party Disputes” celebrates its first anniversary with positive reviews

“Charter Party Disputes” celebrates its first anniversary with positive reviews. The website builds on the practice of resolution of charter disputes by negotiation or arbitration. It results from years of extensive research and practical application of LMAA awards in negotiating hundreds of charter party disputes while working as a claims handler for Owners or Charterers.

That prompted me to launch this emerging website on 2021 that is regularly updated and strives to touch on all categories of charter disputes. It also keeps me motivated and determined to engage further in the field of ADR.


This year, the site features more than 50 posts with commentaries on LMAA awards, settled cases by negotiation, four articles were published on I-LAW/ MRI (speed claims, deviation, laytime, bunkers), and two free guidebooks were shared on laytime (A Tribute to Maritime Arbitrators) and underperformance claims (with observations from charter negotiations to dispute settlement), and video presentations (YouTube).

What next?

The site will focus on practical observations from settled cases by negotiation before or during the arbitration proceedings. That adds to the practice of avoiding, managing and resolving charter disputes commercially. For example, “practical issue 1” discusses the parties’ disagreement on laytime calculations (reversible or non-reversible ?) and whether similar issues could be avoided. While “practical issue 2” reflects the challenging process of resolving a dispute by negotiation.

Below is a short video presentation of the site, including testimonials:

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