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A Snapshot Guide to Laytime & Demurrage -A tribute to Maritime Arbitrators-Prokopios Krikris

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40 years published London Maritime Arbitration Awards (1980-2020)- A Tribute to Maritime Arbitrators

Laytime and Demurrage disputes have been the subject of litigation or arbitration for decades. So, legal literature is abundant, along with case law and arbitration awards on this complex topic.

From 1980 to 2020, interesting cases have come before London Maritime Tribunals, and their decisions offer helpful guidance on many points that regularly provoke heated debate in the shipping industry. Undoubtedly, the Maritime Arbitrators’ expertise and support remain invaluable to the shipping industry, including their essential function to participate in the rule of law.

In less than 55 pages, this snapshot guide cites about 270 awards for bulkers, tankers and sale contracts; it refers to about 840 issues discussed in these decisions. Therefore, the user can easily find whether a case has been already determined by a London Tribunal and consider this award (if needed) when a similar dispute arises. However, any decision should be read together with other decisions on equal points, case law and commentaries in law textbooks.

For your reference, most of these decisions refer to disputes that arose under the below amended or standard form of contracts:

  • Sale Contracts: FOB, CIF, etc.

I hope that you find this snapshot guide practical and valuable.

You can see the Snapshot Guide here.

The awards are published in Lloyd’s Maritime Law Newsletter, Informa Group Ltd

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